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Drindle Skirt

$275.00 $192.00


In love with Carleen! With her quirky prints and ultra-wearable styles with an elevated approach, the Drindle Skirt is a striking piece for spring, summer, fall. An easy pull on style with a side clasp. Each skirt is one-of-a-kind, yours will be different than the one photographed.

Folk-art motifs, fine art and domestic manufacturing are also mainstays for Carleen. Crafted from an assortment of vintage quilts, her pieces are a sustainable statement for your wardrobe. Skirts include vintage patchwork. Carleen handpicks textiles that may include wear, distress, marks, and other signs of age intentionally as we believe this adds to the character of the finished garment.

Vintage quilt and 100% cotton; hand wash or dry clean.

Made in Los Angeles.